CaptainAriel (๑●ㅂ•́)و✧ Art


Story info

This is a series of illustration I drew for my fiction story based on the two characters. James Moriarty and Sebastian Moran.

James’s character design based on Fate/Grand Order*

“Moriarty went to that far away city the next day. The man stayed. What made me strange is, he wonders in the building like he’s at home, but he never talked to anyone, he looked so alone, like a ghost.

He stood in front of the window like the Ursa Major lost the Polaris, which can not complete. Or a comet that lost his direction with nowhere to go.

He was in this planetarium, aloof from the world, still, he felt so out of place. I thought I can understand what he felt.”

“It took so much courage to reach out to a lonely soul.

Do you know, when you share the stars with me,

you also share the whole world under the stars?”

There was nowhere to go but everywhere,

so just keep rolling under the stars.

-- Kerouac <On the Road>